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GTU-Skill India Mission | Admission are open for second batch of Glass Processing Technology program
About the School

With the advent of technology and availability of materials locally, buildings in India have started having extensive amount of glazing-either in the form of façade glazing or in the form of windows. The private and Government infrastructure is also witnessing major growth in all parts of the country in which structural glazing plays a vital part of it.

However, while the Building Façade industry has grown very fast, there are gaps in skills in the glass façade and glass processing which has led to poor quality of workmanship, delayed completion and additional costs arising from rework. Also the more complex site operations are installation of facades and façade elements require a range of skills and knowledge that are not yet been recognized as specific skill or trade.

The installation and Glass processing have emerged as one of the important areas of employment in Gujarat. Gujarat is facing acute shortage of Skill required for glass façade fabrication and installation Technology.

  • Empowerment of youth by providing specific skill set
  • Promoting "Make in India" initiative
  • Fostering research activates in Green Building Technology and Affordable Housing
  • To be as Industry - professional - Academia interface

For Whom?

In order to develop need based skilled manpower in the emerging sector of glass facade, fenestration and glass processing industry,Gujarat technological University, in association with the Glass Academy, has started School of Glass Processing Technologies to impart glass facade, fenestration & processing skills to the students of Civil & Mechanical Engineering and School Dropout in the GTU Premises.These trained students would be indus- try responsive and readily employable in the industry.